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Welcome to GeoFoodie!

This page is a brief guide of what is available on and how to find it. GeoFoodie is made up of blog posts, photo galleries and pages.

GeoFoodie blog posts:

The most recent blog post can be found on GeoFoodie Posts. You can also read blog entries currated according to their topical focus (Food and Social Positions) or their geographies (General, East-West, ChinaHong Kong). A complete and clickable index of individual posts on GeoFoodie is also available at Index of GeoFoodie Posts.

Photographs on GeoFoodie:

I like to take photographs. Sight Lines are photo galleries with little or no text. The main Sight Lines page has a brief description of each of four Sight Lines galleries:

There is a fifth Sight Lines gallery called Art|Basel Hong Kong 2013.  These are all images of artworks that appeared durring the festival period.  A friend took the photo of the Charles Munka piece on my camera.

All photographs on this site are my own unless attributed, which I will always do.

Pages on GeoFoodie: 

Where is home? This page is a brief outline of the basic philosophy behind GeoFoodie and underpins how I approach each of the blog entries.

Connecting TechnologyI like technology, but have lost my edge. Part of the reason I started this blog was as a personal journey for me to feel more at home in the virtual world.  This page offers a bit on that and an updated, annotated list of what programmes, apps and gadgets I use.

Under the Locate GeoFoodie link you will find out more information about me and in particular how I approach research and teaching. There are also links to contact me or follow what I do and a downloadable PDF file of my academic CV.

My orchid ID is

Please feel free to pass-on/reblog/pin etc the photos and text you find, though if you use them to make money, I would ask that you ask me first, and at all times please attribute what your borrow. There is more information about how to do this and also my policy on spam comments available on the link “GeoFoodie respectfully requests…


The GeoFoodie icon is a photo of one of the red light covers you find in all the markets in Hong Kong.  You can read more about them in the post “The colour of everyday life“.

The photo on the Where is Home? page was taken in Hong Kong, in a place where you can pick your live fish from a tank and have it cooked. Alas, and probably thankfully, given the pollution in Victoria Harbour, the fish itself has travelled from elsewhere.