GeoFoodie respectfully requests…

I have a couple of rules that I would appreciate that visitors would follow:

If you would like to cite the work presented in this blog, write4resaearch has some excellent guidelines. They also offer some interesting discussion about open access research publication.  At the foot of most of the entries I have also provided some sample text to make this easier.

If you use the material in a web entry please ping back or link to my post.  I like to have visitors and it is good to spread the love, particularly if the idea is shared.

Finally, a word on spam.  I don’t mind your adding your link to the comments provided it is relevant. I would rather you not be selling something, though again if it is relevant I will consider it.  I use Askmet. Sometimes it filters out legitimate comments, so I read each and every one, so if you comment doesn’t appear right away that is why.  If I think you are spamming however, I will delete your comments. That is not real engagement.

Agree? Like? Resonate? Connect? Tell me more!

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