What are Sight Lines?

The visual offers a connection that is pre-language. In these galleries I invite you to see the world through my camera interpretation; bering in mind that a photograph, like text, is an edited view of the world that hides as much as it reveals.  Thus the images say as much about me as they do of the places and activities they capture. 

IMG_2977Rural England:  Rural areas, which despite their photogenic nature, are often difficult places for the poor to access.  In many rural towns in England, housing prices are such that local children, unless they are well off, cannot afford to remain.


A woman gives her husband a haircut in the park in Shanghai

A woman gives her husband a haircut in the park in Shanghai

Every day lives of the ElderlyThis gallery of photographs highlights the daily lives of elderly people in Hong Kong and China. Everyday life in a neoliberal world is difficult on a fixed income.  There is very limited provision of public housing when property markets are free.  Despite this they elderly make do and get on. Sometimes this is heart-warming and sometimes it is heart-wrenching.


Tai O House

Dwelling Places:  In Hong Kong there is a vast array of types of places one might find oneself living in. From high rise apartment blocks to stilt houses to shanty towns to no housing at all.


fish2Hong Kong Food Spaces: Some are exclusive, some are common. In these spaces people find opportunities to dwell and to practice care Surprisingly, perhaps, what people understand as “good food” varies by culture. Here it means fresh.

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