Where is Home?

It is hard to say where one is in the world. Some argue we come into being through our engagements with other people, things, environments, thoughts, and artefacts. Alphonse Lingis tells us we find out who we are by travelling and we connect to others through our smiles and laughter. Certainly sharing a meal can achieve this connection as well and, like the madeline of Proust, our memories of past connections and our hopes for those of the future are stirred by our engagements with the material world. We are located, placed, homed. This blog offers reflections on the myriad dimensions of the processes of connection and location and their sister process of distanciation; hopefully capturing the abstract as well as the ordinary and always looking for the social justice within.


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Come in, stay a while, and make yourself at home!

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6 thoughts on “Where is Home?

  1. I agree with Doug. I think your blog is very interesting. I’m glad You stopped by mine and liked my post “first time return” about my first trip to my until then forbidden homeland.

  2. I agree that we come into being by interacting with the people and things and places around us–that’s why dislocation, displacement is so traumatizing. When our engagements with the people and things and places around us are disrupted or destroyed, “we” are disrupted or destroyed.

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