Visiting Hong Kong–Things I would do if I were coming to visit.

One reader of GeoFoodie.Org recently told me she was planning a trip to Hong Kong and asked if I had any recommendations for what to do. This is always difficult, because what I like to do might not be what other people like to do. But if I were coming to Hong Kong here is what I would seek out first–and more or less in this order…

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Morning Reflection

Morning reflection

One of my favorite things to do in Hong Kong is have a coffee, or in this case a green tea latte, at the Starbucks located on the Avenue of the Stars (Hong Kong’s version of the Hollywood’s Avenue of Stars). This is one of the few Starbucks in Hong Kong with a view and it is a stunningly unobstructed panorama of the famous skyline.  The skyscrapers on the island side now have to compete with an almost equally magnificent skyline on the Kowloon side, dominated by the ICC tower, which you can just see in the reflection on the cup. Sandwiched between these two competing, and sometimes overwhelming views, is Victoria Harbour. Behind this landscape, lost in the background, is a story of fishing boats, food safety, and the decline of an industry.  Continue reading