Invitation: Event to remember the Gatumba Massacre 12 Aug 2017

I am forwarding this on behalf of a friend who is part of this community. All are welcome and it should prove to be an interesting event. You may remember the film hotel Rwanda? The Banyamulenge are largely Tutsi. This event is not to commemorate the events of the film, but another event resulting is mass, targeted deaths of the group in Burundi.   Please feel free to share.
On behalf of Banyamulenge community in The UK , we would like to invite you at the 13th anniversary of the Gatumba Genocide Memorial Gathering, which will take place on 12 August 2017 in Hull at St John’s, Clough Road, Hull, Hu6 7PA, from 12pm-3pm. As part of this event, there will be a short film about the Gatumba genocide.

This important event held annually in different Countries around the world honors 164 innocent Congolese Banyamulenge refugees who were massacred on August 13, 2004 inside the Gatumba Refugee Camp in Burundi. Many of the victims included women and children. There were 166 further residents who were injured.

The Gatumba Refugee Survivors is a network of survivors of the Gatumba Genocide resettled throughout the United States, the UK, Australia, Canada etc…We offer healing and community integration services to survivors who came to the UK as refugees. We also advocate against torture, violence, massacre and genocides in the Eastern DRC and the whole Great Lakes Region of Africa.

We are a peaceful organization and here in the United Kingdom, we are proud of our members’ economic and social contributions to our British society.
Thanks to the support of the United Kingdom Government, our kids constantly perform well in school and they will live productive, safe lives far from the atrocities some of our members endured as children. Considering the proximity, we hope you will attend. We greatly appreciate you considering this request.


Further detail about the Banyamulenge:

According to the UNHCR there are about half a million Congolese refugees, although not exclusively Banyamulenge.  Many remain in African countries and there they account for 18% of the total population of refugees on the continent.  In Rwanda, they make up 99% of the refugee population.  Most of these half million continue to reside in refugee camps. The majority of these refugees are children. This group now represents the largest number of submissions for resettlement to non-African countries from Africa, with a need nearly 70,000 by 2015 (I could not find more recent data).  Because of the difficulties in documentation and child protection needs have made resettlement difficult.  There are about 500 Banyamulenge in the UK with approximately 30 families in Sheffield.