Teaching Experience

This page links lists my teaching experience; something I have been learning by doing since 1987.

  • I started as a Tutor, in my last two years at the University of Idaho when I was finishing a BSc in Geography (human) and a BSc in Cartography.  I tutored students individually and as groups in Physical Geography. I can still do a schematic of Adiabatic Uplift and Global Circulation. 
  • At Indiana University, where I did my Masters degree in Human Geography with a minor in Anthropology, I taught Introduction to Human Geography to 4 different cohorts of students.
  • While finishing my PhD from Clark University I taught an Urban Social Geography course at Clark and again at Dartmouth College.  I also taught Gendered Geographies at Dartmouth.
  • At the University of Sheffield I taught 25 different courses, over 11 years, in the areas of social, economic, cultural, and urban geographies, research methods, research processes, and field courses (New York and Edinburgh). These were at undergraduate and post-graduate levels.
  • At Hong Kong University, while as a visiting associate professor, I taught two undergraduate courses (Culture, Social Justice and Urban Space and Economic Geography) and Philosophy of Geographic Thought  (post-graduate).


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